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Osso Bueno cooks Bone Broths for 48 hours minimum;
and only uses organic &/or free range, grass fed chickens (never fed GMO corn or soya) and grass fed (start to finish), free range bison, Organic and/or free Range Turkey; and our very popular Organic Vegan Broth with no night shade plants

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Stocks and broths both start off the same way: scraps of vegetable, meat, and bone are slowly simmered to extract as much flavor as possible. For stock, it stops there — this is an unseasoned liquid that doesn't taste all too great on its own, but makes a fantastic neutral base for soups, sauces, and other kitchen creations. Stock is stock in less than 2 hours.

Bone Broth is simmered for 24 hours or more with fragrant vegetables and spices to make it very tasty and delicious on it’s own. It is brewed at length to extract the maximum amount of minerals, cartilage and marrow from the bones. It is not only nutritious, it is delicious.
Broth contains minerals in a form the body can absorb easily—not just calcium but also magnesium, phosphorus, silicon, sulfur and trace minerals. It contains the broken down material from cartilage and tendons--stuff like chondroitin sulphates and glucosamine, now sold as expensive supplements for arthritis and joint pain. ~ Dr. Mercola
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Bone broth is excellent for "healing and sealing" your gut, to use Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride term. Dr. Campbell's GAPS Nutritional Protocol, described in her book, Gut and Psychology Syndrome (GAPS), centers around the concept of "healing and sealing" your gut through your diet.
Helps heal and seal your gut, and promotes healthy digestion: The gelatin found in bone broth is a hydrophilic colloid. It attracts and holds liquids, including digestive juices, thereby supporting proper digestion
Reduces joint pain and inflammation, courtesy of chondroitin sulphates, glucosamine, and other compounds extracted from the boiled down cartilage
Glycine also has calming effects, which may help you sleep better
Promotes strong, healthy bones: As mentioned above, bone broth contains high amounts of calcium, magnesium, and other nutrients that play an important role in healthy bone formation
Inhibits infection caused by cold and flu viruses, etc.: A study published over a decade ago found that chicken soup indeed has medicinal qualities, significantly mitigating infection.
Fights inflammation: Amino acids such as glycine, proline, and arginine all have anti-inflammatory effects. Arginine, for example, has been found to be particularly beneficial for the treatment of sepsis (whole-body inflammation). JPEN J Parenter Enteral Nutr. 2005 Jan-Feb;29(1 Suppl):S70-4
Promotes healthy hair and nail growth, thanks to the gelatin in the broth