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    Our beautiful bone broth is only part of the story.

  • Our Founder & Her Story

    In 2013 Laureen made a decision to change her life by changing the lives of others. Her transformation journey is what you experience in each and every ounce of Osso Bueno beautiful bone broth.

    Laureen Hutton

    Founder of Osso Bueno

    I was sick for many years before I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease in 2002. It had ravaged my skin, my body and my mind – I was covered in dermatitis herpetiformis and in a deep depression. I was very lucky to have sought council from a Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner who guided me back though years of healing.


    I had to learn how to cook and feed myself way better than I had be doing and I needed to rethink everything after years of putting everything between two slices of bread or raw out of a bowl. I began to remember all the beautiful food and abundance we had on the farm and I remember my mom’s refrigerator soup. Every week, mom would clean out the fridge and everything would go into the soup. Soup became a staple again in my life and my friends seemed to admire it as well. I began to really enjoy cooking and started to get very creative in the kitchen. Remember at this time there was not a lot of awareness, so going out for dinner was not an option – or even to someone’s home for fear of cross contamination.


    I had been formulating a business plan for a soup company and in 2014, while the oil and gas industry was bombing out, the idea of a soup company seemed to be my next logical step in my life. Working for myself seemed an excellent rebound from oil and gas and I really loved to nourish people. In November of 2014, I was reminded about bone broth. My newsfeed became filled with bone broth take-out windows in New York. In an instant I knew that this is what I needed to do. I wanted to provide a nourishing foundation to allow people to have optimum health even if they have a very busy life. So I tweaked my mom’s refrigerator soup and created a foundational bone broth.


    I have to say, this decision was the best I have ever made. Not only was I creating something that could nourish the world; I was creating a nourishing drink for myself. Bone broth has taken my health to a whole new level of healing. It has given me energy, reduced my hot flashes, healed my knees, cleared my mind and given me so much joy and a lot to be very, very grateful for. I have seen my clients, grow hair, regain their appetite, heal aches and pains and regain their mental health.


    It has been an exciting journey and I know you also have a story to tell. Why don’t you drop me a line and let me know how you feel and what you want to accomplish, or what you have already accomplished on your healing journey.


    All my love xoxox




    Now - come enjoy my beautiful bone broth on your beautiful healing journey.

    “Feeding people nourishing delicious food is my first priority. I wanted to make a simple food foundation that was nutrient dense and delicious so that it can be used for a variety of things. I love feeding people and this is a perfect path for me.”