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    Chicken Broth

    Free Range

    Chicken broth is good for the soul. It congers images of days gone by and of reviving us from our childhood illnesses. It is a light and easy broth that is made from necks and backs and is simmered to perfection.


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    Bison Broth

    Grass Fed - From start to finish. No grain ever.

    Bison broth is a hearty flavour. It has depth and is created from roaming bison who are grass fed from start to finish. The grass fed goodness of the Bison comes through in the broth and grounds you and your recipes. Bison broth can be used anywhere you would use beef broth and is great for sipping. My favourite is to mix it with the chicken to create a beautiful well rounded flavour.


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    Turkey Broth

    100% Organic from Winter's Turkey

    Winter's turkey's provides a beautiful organic carcass for my turkey broth. Sipping on it reminds you of holidays and cranberries. This broth is especially good with sweet flavours and one of my favourite dishes is quinoa cooked in turkey broth and then I add it to kale and dried cranberries for a delicious summer salad.


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    Vegan Medicinal Broth

    100% Organic

    What is Vegan Broth? Well, my lovely vegan friends deserve to have a healing broth too. I wanted to make a broth around Nettle (yes, stinging nettle) and I created it with the sweetness of beets and carrots - grounded in shiitake mushrooms. You don't have to be a vegan to enjoy this nutritious flavor.


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    Summer Sunshine

    Brothcicles and Summer Sips

    Summer Markets are so much fun! I love to create new and different items for you to try. These items are only available at markets so you will have to come and see me!


    Shown here are my organic strawberry brothcicles and I also created orange & ginger Sweet Sips that are a really nice alternative to hot broth in the summer. Don't think you have to drink your broth cold all the time.


    Available exclusively at Farmers Markets. Find out where to get Summer Sunshine Brothcicles.